United Gasket has been manufacturing textile parts for the Automotive, Electronic, Audio, Transportation, and Filtration industries for over 60 years. Textile’s is an area where United Gasket is unmatched. We constantly keep our customers competitive in the markets they serve. United Gasket’s experience, knowledge and supplier relationships keep United Gasket a leader in this market now and in the future. We manufacture parts from materials such as Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, Nylon, Felts, Woven’s, Non-Woven’s, Knit, Spun Bond, Point Bond and so much more. United Gasket leads this market now for over 60 years, let our experienced engineers and sales staff work with you to meet your needs and requirements. We can have a prototype to you in 2 days. United Gasket’s commitment to be your die cutter of choice is unmatched, we are united in your satisfaction. Textiles are an area where United Gasket has developed in house tooling, equipment and packaging processes that keep our customers costs down. We strive to improve these processes every day. Our knowledge of the materials and manufacturing processes of these materials help us help you in a way that only can be experienced at United Gasket. Whatever your need, whatever your requirement let United Gasket take the pressure off you from program start to finish.
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