Continuous Gasket

United Gasket Company has a wide variety of choices to ensure You've got your materials, and you need a way to cut them into the shape of the hole in your product—but you don't have time to do that by hand! You want an efficient, automated solution that cuts out the middleman, so you can just focus on making things instead of making sure they're done right. That's where our machine comes in.

Our machine cuts out the middleman: it cuts out all the steps of making gaskets, from feeding material through tooling that separates center scrap and gaskets from scraps, then separating them all into their own containers. It does it all automatically—there's no more waiting around for something to happen, no more wondering if your cutting tool is positioned correctly or if you've moved it far enough out of the way when you want to make another cut. You just go back to making gaskets!

And there's more than just efficiency; Our machine is also designed to help you make better-quality products faster than ever before. Our cutting process makes it possible for us to cut away at least 70% of any waste material in one shot (which means less wasted material overall), meaning less waste

If you ever need one, please do contact us directly at 708-656-6292 or email

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